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the grandsons, Jr., have won "best children's artist" FOUR TIMES by the Washington Area Music Association!


the grandsons, Jr., is the kids band version of DC-area roots rock superstars, The Grandsons. Kids and their parents will dig the upbeat mix of rock, swing, New Orleans R&B, country, latin music we call Americana.  Over the past 25 years performing as The Grandsons, the band has noticed that many of their songs resonate with the younger crowd.  As the grandsons, Jr., they combine new material learned especially for the younger set, with Grandsons tunes that have always been popular with the kids.

Their full length album "One Big Orooni" (full-size coloring book included) highlights the fun, wacky musical stylings of jazz legend Slim Gaillard. One of the cuts, "Stop That Dancin' Up There", has been featured on Sirius/XM's Kids Place Live channel. In 2022, the grandsons, Jr. released "Black Slacks" as a single, and preview of an upcoming full-length album currently in the works.

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